Meet Melissa Boes Rice

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Melissa Rice and I take great pleasure in reminiscing about old journeys, planning and taking new adventures and sharing stories and musings about my worldwide wanderings, whether with my family, friends or solo.  When not adventuring I like to roam at home and spend time with my family and friends. Even wandering around my neighborhood of Ballard, a historically Norwegian fishing village turned hipster hood due to Seattle’s tech industry boom reveals fantastic restaurants, shops and loads of fun activities.  All that and it borders the Puget Sound with magnificent views of the Olympic Mountains.  It’s easy to see how even this travel bug bitten wanderer gets a little homesick at times when on the road.

Whether adventuring or at home I delight in writing about products and services that help with life, including the latest travel tools and gear, tips and tricks for life at home or on the road, delicious foods, inspirational quotes and stories from where I’ve roamed.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Please subscribe and join me on the adventure!

Meet Jonah Rice

After a decade as a scientist in biotechnology in San Francisco I heard the ticking of my biological clock and we arranged to settle down in Seattle and start a family.  My son Jonah has been a joyful adventurer.  He uttered his first word, “hola”, during our travels in Costa Rica, where we celebrated his first birthday.  Back then he also enjoyed tasting the sand on the lovely beaches we explored.  He’s always been an intrepid traveler.  While at home he enjoys hanging with his pals, making ginormous forts, crafting in MineCraft, coming up with incredible puns and jokes and watching his favorite YouTubers.   I have him pegged as our future videographer.

Meet Brian Rice

I met Brian in the dawn of internet dating.  I pride myself on being thrifty and I always say Brian is the best deal I ever got.  I bought a discounted subscription to an online dating service and met Brian within weeks.  The site’s algorithm calculated us as a 91% match!  I’d say that’s accurate.  Brian’s the patient one of the pair, helping me stay sane and centered, while also supporting everything I take on.  He accepts me for who I am and understands my need to be on the road, often wandering on my own.  He’s fortunate to work for Google and when vacation time is limited he holds down the fort during my solo adventures.  He also graciously lets me drag him around the world when his schedule permits.  He makes me laugh and take myself less seriously.  He’s an incredible daddy to Jonah.  And he’s my rock.  We recently celebrated our ten year anniversary and look forward to many more.